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We offer an array of services that follow Federal guidelines as well as USPAP Standards. Our thorough documentation and analysis are met with every service provided. 


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Whether you are purchasing, refinancing or have other intended uses for an appraisal report, there are three different approaches that are considered and/or used to arrive at a reconciled value. The most commonly used approach for this report is the sales comparison approach. This approach uses recent comparable sales in the market while meeting specific guidelines and making adjustments when necessary. We offer services for private sales as well as financing purposes.


The Department of Urban Housing (HUD), requires that every certified appraiser is FHA- approved and on the FHA appraiser roster. Along with a typical appraisal inspection, FHA requires the home to meet additional health and safety standards. FHA appraisals often times have final inspections due to these repairs and costs to cure. If you have questions regarding an FHA appraisal feel free to contact us directly in order to eliminate final inspections.


The initial appraisal is based off of plans and specifications provided. This appraisal is made “subject to completion” of the property. Once the home is 100% complete, a final inspection will take place in order to ensure that everything was done, per plans and specs. The cost approach and sales comparison approach are typically given the most weight in the scenario. The cost approach is used to determine the value of the land, plus the value to construct the dwelling.



Duplexes, Triplexes or Fourplexes;  In the income approach, the potential gross income, expenses and total operating income are concluded.The sales comparison helps find gross rent multipliers to use in the income approach. Rental comparables are also found to determine market rent. All of these numbers play a key role in concluding a reconciled value.


Live in a penthouse? We would love to see it! BMV Appraisal Co. understands craftsmanship, high end finishings, custom materials, and energy efficient homes. We are constantly keeping up with the latest & greatest in order to comply and maintain our knowledge in specialty homes.


BMV Appraisal Co. has the ability to do field reviews, desk reviews and/or market consulting. If you are not finding what you need, we would be happy to consult on any needs. We have a passion for real estate and are always open to consultations with well documented meetings.



Additional services include: Single Family Residence (1004), FHA Single Family Residence (1004 FHA), New Construction Appraisals, Appraisal Updates (1004D), Final Inspections (1004D), Condominium Residence (1073), FHA Condominium Residence (1073 FHA), Rent Schedules (1007), Operating Income Statement Report (216), Small Residential Income Properties - Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes (1025) , Field Reviews (2000), Drive By-Exterior Only (2055), Waterfront Properties, Land Appraisals, REO/Foreclosure Residences, Relocation Sales, Estate Sales & Ascertaining Market Value (for many different intended uses), Appraisal Consulting & Reviewing


I have used the services of BMV Appraisal company for both existing real estate sale transactions and new construction deals, for A home we have built from ground up. Because of Brittany’s superior knowledge of the real estate market, we have used her consultation services with hard to price unique properties. We highly recommend using BMV Appraisal Company for all your appraisal needs, particularly for a file when you have difficulty with valuation.   

-nemat g. janetkhan, owner of all-trades residential & COMMERCIAL construction, inc.